Outstanding Client Service Above All Else is Alex’s mantra. While she is a nationally certified massage therapist and finds some time for her longtime massage clients. Alex spends most of her days running the business and making sure that every client is treated well, and has a relaxing and enjoyable time at Frizzles. She puts a personal touch to client service by making an effort to recognize each client know his or her names and give each some individual attention.

Alex’s philosophy is to promote a team environment, and treat all of the staff equally; regardless of what their job is. From the shampoo technicians to the senior stylists, everyone is an important part of Frizzles. The Frizzles team was built to be sure that the salon has something to offer every person that comes there. No person ever feels “left out.” An old cliché, “When they’re happy, we’re happy”, definitely applies at Frizzles. You can see it in the face of the clients and the staff. And, that’s what Alex loves most about her job.